Outstanding Roofing Solutions with Ceramic Insulation Coatings

Using a combination of Polyurethane Foam & Ceramic Insulation Coatings is a powerful solution for roof insulation and protection. The (PUF) or (SPRS) Spray-applied Polyurethane Roofing System is an advanced application especially designed and suited for new or remedial roofs. Delta T's metal roofing solution utilizing our Delta T Roofing CCC/100 coating will not cause any disruptions in workflow and will save a Company in excess expenses.

Sprayed-in-place foam insulation (#3 density) is applied to the substrate, which must be free of all failed deficiencies, disbandment, and other obvious inconsistencies relative to new placement or remedial placement.

Then to protect the foam from physical and ultraviolet damage, two coats of sprayed-in-place elastomer topcoats are applied.

Poly cloth tape and Ceramic Insulation Coatings treatment to chimney stack roof penetration, and adjacent joints and flashing. (Red Deer, AB)

An Existing 6,000 square metal roof required repairs, due to leaking. This particular roof accommodated (6) major A/C roof top units.

Local conventional roofing companies required expensive crane removal of all roof top units in order to re-apply their conventional roofing membrane system. This would disrupt a working staff environment and company operations overall for a lengthy period of time.It would also involve the extra cost of re-installment of the A/C units after their conventional roof system was completed.

In turn Delta T's metal roofing solution utilizing our Delta T Roofing CCC/100 system did not require the removal of the roof top units,and we resolved the problems without any disruptions of the operations and saved the Company in excess by adopting our companies Roofing Solutions.

Alliances Pipe Line Company / Grande Prairie AB

Ceramic Insulation Coatings treatment of all fasteners horizontal and vertical joints eliminates leaking of this 36,000 sq.ft. metal roof at oil field pipe manufacturing company. (Red Deer, AB)

Ceramic Insulation Coatings treatment of horizontal lap joints in a 9000 sq.ft. lean-to section of a metal roof. (Drayton Valley,AB)