The Fluid-Applied and Seamless Ceramic Insulating Re-roofing System for Metal Roofs


One of the major contributing factors to roofing problems is water intrusion through seams and plys. The (PUF) system offers a double layer of seamless protection.


Polyurethane foam is sprayed-in-place to form a continuous monolithic insulation barrier, which is impervious to water transmission.


An impermeable elastomer coating is applied, which forms an additional protective shield against moisture penetration.

Lightweight & Energy Efficient

A comparison of the weight/insulation factors with four popular roofing systems shows the advantage of (PUF) sprayed-in-place urethane foam and top coatings Weight savings (as much as 90%) permit lower costs and lighter weight structures to be utilized. The need for weight-related tear-offs in remedial roofing applications is eliminated. Energy savings (up to 30-50%) make (PUF) system the most efficient insulation available. Substantial long-term savings are achieved when insulation factor is combined with ultra-light properties.