Albi Clad TF Fireproof Coating

A smooth architectural finish for interior fire protection

Albi Clad TF (Thin Film)is a water-based intumescent material for interior structural steel.Unlike ordinary fireproofing,Albi Clad TF is applied at minimum thickness for a smooth, architectural finish. It represents a breakthrough in interior fire protection. Albi Clad TF is spray-applied and offers up to 3.5 hours fire protection. Architects and other specifiers can use Albi Clad TF as an attractive interior finish, but still conform to building codes and insurance requirements.

Aesthetic thin decorative finish

Albi Clad TF is applied in commercial buildings where architectural designs demand an aesthetic, thin, decorative finish. Albi Clad TF is ideal for interior steel columns beams tubes trusses and other exposed structural members.

Classified by Underwriters Laboratories,Inc

For over four decades,Albi fireproofing materials have demonstrated superior performance worldwide in a range of extreme environments. Lightweight,ultrathin Albi Clad TF delivers long-term protection with outstanding hardness and durability.Albi Clad TF is the first water-based, thin film intumescent fireproofing material classified by Underwriters Laboratories,Inc.UL's rigorous environmental and laboratory testing procedures assure you of a durable,high-performance intumescent fireproofing product.

Physical Properties
Dry Applied Density 85 PCF
Hardness 45-50
Compressive Strength 300 psi
Cohesive/Adhesion Strength 190 psi (cohesive failure)
Abrasion Resistance 0 grams loss
Impact 0.77-ft lbs./inch of notch
Weight per Gallon 11.90 + 0.20 lbs./gals
% Solids by Weight 70% + 2.0%
Flame Spread 2 - Class A
Smoke Developed 5 - Class A

AlbiClad TF Advantages

  • UL Classified for 1 to 3-1/2 hours to ASTM E119
  • Water based:solvent and asbestos free
  • Lightweight,thin-film application
  • Maintains contour of substrate
  • Architectural,decorative finish
  • Factory formulated,single component
  • UL tested for resistance to high humidity,aging,industrial atmosphere (CO2 /SO2),chlorine and washing

Alibi Clad TF must be applied by qualified factory-trained applicators

Apply Albi Clad TF directly from the shipping container by means of standard or airless spray equipment.The fire endurance rating specification determines the thickness of the coating.
Alibi Clad TF must be applied by qualified factory-trained applicators in accordance with the manufacturer's printed instructions and in compliance with specific test requirements.
As a water-based compound, Albi Clad TF must be protected from freezing during shipping, storage, application and curing. Contact the manufacturer for specific application parameters.