Fire protection for steel and concrete in severe environments

Albi Clad 800 intumescent coating is applied to protect both internal and external structural steel,concrete and other construction materials from fire. Its superior resistance to weathering and abuse makes it the universal material for severe environments. Albi Clad 800 is UL classified for one to three hour protection under E-119 and UL 1709 High Rise, Hydrocarbon fire test criteria. It is available in standard, attractive, white finish.

Rugged lightweight and attractive




Specify Albi Clad 800 whenever and wherever you need a dependable,long- lasting exterior fire-resistant coating capable of resisting abrasion,impact, freezing and thawing. Rugged, lightweight and attractive Albi Clad 800 is optimal for application in a great many commercial, institutional and industrial environments.

Tested under environmental extremes of wind rain and weather

Tested by Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. and in numerous actual Applications, Albi Clad 800 has provided superior performance under a wide range of environmental extremes throughout the world.

Even under the most adverse conditions, lightweight Albi Clad 800 maintains long- term protection with outstanding hardness and durability. Its ability to withstand the adverse effects of wind,rain and weather makes Albi Clad 800 the preferred fireproofing material for offshore drilling platforms, petrochemical plants power plants, dock facilities and a range of commercial and industrial applications.

Albi Clad 800 Advantages

Albi Clad 800 must be applied by qualified, factory trained people

For quick,easy installation,Albi Clad 800 is sprayed directly from the shipping container using standard, heavy-duty pneumatic spray equipment.
Application may be performed in inclement weather. Application thickness depends on specified fire endurance rating.
Albi Clad 800 must be applied by qualified, factory trained people in accordance with the manufacturer 's printed instructions and in compliance with specific test specifications.
Steel surfaces must be primed with an approved primer before the application of Albi Clad 800.