Based on naturally occurring basalt volcanic rock

Albi DriClad is based on naturally occurring basalt volcanic rock. The patented manufacturing process transforms crushed volcanic rock into a lightweight, durable board from finely spun threads bound with a proprietary resin. For use on structural steel in lieu of conventional, soft fireproofing, this material offers excellent fire safety properties. It is supplied as 4'x 6' boards.


Provide fire resistance for structural steel

Specify Albi DriClad to provide fire resistance for structural steel on both new and retrofit construction. DriClad is compatible with all materials with which it is likely to be used in normal industrial and commercial applications. It can also be applied to a wide range of nonferrous metals as well as elements such as walls, ventilation ducts, doors and conduit. DriClad is available in a range of thicknesses beginning at 7/8".

Easy application

Albi DriClad installs without the adhesion and compatibility concerns associated with spray applied soft fireproofing. Although DriClad is easily cut with a knife or hand saw, the most efficient cutting device is a table saw. A knife may be used to cut around obstructions and structural members. Strips 4" wide x 1-1/2" minimum thickness are fit tightly between the top and bottom flanges 24" on center. Material is then cut and installed to box in the steel. AlbiScrews fasten the material 6"on center. DriClad is shipped on pallets in stretch-wrapped polyethylene for ease of handling and short term storage.

Proven Performance

The superior performance of Albi DriClad fireproofing materials has been verified under a wide range of applications throughout the world. DriClad is manufactured to the most stringent quality criteria and conforms to or exceeds all relevant American and worldwide standards. DriClad is classified as noncombustible in accordance with ASTM E136. Since DriClad has a low binder content it shows zero flame spread and smoke development, per ASTM E84.

Albi DriClad Advantages

  • Noncombustible
  • High insulating value
  • No steel surface preparation required
  • High sound absorption
  • No leachable chloride content
  • Non-capillary and non-hygroscopic
  • Completely free of asbestos CFCs and HFCs
  • Chemically inert
  • Installs dry without disruption to other trades
  • Applies year-round in all weather conditions
  • Factory-controlled density and thickness
  • Light weight and low-cost

Typical Installation: