DTC Rust Direct a Stand Alone Coating (Primer & Finish)

Rusted surfaces do not require sand blasting when using DTC Rust Direct. The proprietary solvent and polymers are uniquely designed to penetrate and "wet" the surface. These polymers react with moisture in the air, out-gassing resin into the pores, and anchoring the coating to the surface. An incredible, durable, aluminum-reinforced urethane film is produced that encapsulates, and regalvanizes Metal surfaces. The more pitted and deteriorated (rusted) the substrate, the better anchoring properties the coating will exhibit.

Spray applied ease of application, no sand blasting required, and a shutdown not necessary makes the DTC Rust Direct coating an unbeatable product.

DTC Rust Direct is a single component moisture curing urethane. It is the one coat answer to restoring rusted metal surfaces. The application produces a coating with characteristics similar to metal.

On site application of DTC Rust Direct regalvanizes surfaces, creating outstanding resistance to the elements, almost impervious to chemical attack.