The Benefits of using DTC Rust Direct to Restore Metal Surfaces

Product Description

A single-package, moisture-curing polyurethane coating, which when cured, produces a protective film that demonstrates outstanding physical properties, including superior adhesion and flexibility, outstanding abrasion and impact resistance, and superb chemical and solvent resistance.

Our High Build Polyurethane DTC Rust Direct Coating Produces on site re-galvanization with outstanding resistance to the elements and remains almost impervious to chemical attack.

The DTC Rust Direct coating was designed to be applied on metal substrates; however, it will demonstrate excellent adhesion to properly prepared surfaces like wood, concrete, and many other substrates. When pigmented with aluminum, this coating provides outstanding service and coating life on steel substrates, which have tightly adhered rust. The unique ability to adhere to rusted surfaces is derived from the nature of the curing mechanism of the base polymer of this formulation. In essence the DTC Rust Direct coating (having a low initial viscosity) wets the rusted substrate upon application. It then penetrates directly to the rust origin, and as curing begins, via the reaction with atmospheric moisture, the polymer literally begins to swell. This swelling action develops into an interlocking network, between the coating and the pores of the rust, and provides adhesion that is exceptional. (When applying over rusted surfaces, the rust must be tightly bound not loose, and flaking. If the rust is loose, it must be removed by mechanical means)

This Metal Structure was under heavy corrosion attack with multi-layered coatings peeling, rusting, blistering, and staining. Sandblasting was required in order to start the top coating process. The rust must be tightly bound not loose, and flaking. If the rust is loose, it must be removed by mechanical means.

-Safe and easy to apply
-DTC Rust DirectCoating can be renewed time after time

DTC Rust Direct is safe and easy to use

It is a one-pack zinc coating system that can be brushed, sprayed or immersed. It is also available in spray cans.

DTC Rust Direct Coating can be applied on site

Metal structures do not have to be dismantled before treatment. (this is usually necessary with hot-dip galvanizing)

Special Protection in various applications:

-DTC Rust Direct can be applied in moist conditions and on a damp surface.

-DTC Rust Direct is excellant to touch up damage from welding, cuts, drilling, riveting etc.

-Structures that would be distorted by hot-dipping can now benefit from cathodic protection and DTC Rust Direct

-Existing hot-dipped or (cold) coated structures (e.g. motorway barriers, conveyor belts, power pylons, and sheet iron work) can benefit from long term protection thanks to DTC Rust Direct.

-Existing large structures, such as electrical pylons, tubes, pipes, tanks, silos, comices, bodywork, gates, heating installations, containers, metal frame works, masts etc., which could not be galvanized, can now benefit from DTC Rust Direct application on site.

The total integration of different coatings

A thin film of gold dust was applied on the first coating.

Seven days later a second coating was applied on top of the gold dust.

The gold film remains intact between the coatings of ordinary zinc rich paint. The gold film is clearly visible, demonstrating that the two coatings remain as separate layers.

The Coating can be renewed time after time

-Each new film of DTC Rust Direct coating blends perfectly with the previous one. This allows the application of additional layers. Touching up can also be done at any time at minimal cost. Once a film of our coating has been applied, it does not need to be removed when it comes to recoating.

-It is not always necessary to grit-blast surfaces. It can be applied on mildly rusty surfaces after they have been degreased and loose rust has been removed.

-Existing coatings can be painted with a new coating (and it is just as effective as the original coating). The two coatings form a single layer.

-DTC Rust Direct coating is an excellant primer when a top coat is required (Re duplex systems in which the life of the coating is doubled according to several recognized institutions).

-DTC Rust Direct coating forms an impenetrable barrier with good resistance to mechanical abrasion.

-Adhesion tests have demonstrated that DTC Rust Direct has excellent adhesion on steel. Even where it has been damaged by abrasion, The DTC Rust coating does not peel off.