DTC Rust Direct Specifications and Advantages

MSDS Quick Review-DTC Rust Direct

  • Flammable Liquid
  • DOT # Un-1263
  • Lead and Chromate Free
  • Operator/Applicator Safety Precautions
  • Applicator of these products must wear, at all times a bureau of mines approved two stage (charcoal cotton) paint spray respirator designed for removal of organic solvent vapors.
  • Fresh air supplied types of respirator is required if products TLV will be exceeded.
  • Protective clothing and eyewear goggles are recommended.
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Hot-dipping and zinc-spraying are well established ways of protecting steel against rust. It is sometimes not possible to use these methods on large structures.

DTC Rust Direct can be applied as easily as a paint.

Ordinary paints form a barrier to the air. But once the barrier is broken, rust will spread under the paint and will cause flaking and blistering. Most so-called zinc-rich paints do not solve this problem, mainly because they do not contain enough zinc to endure . Traditional zinc galvanizing techniques are difficult to apply on-site.

DTC Rust Direct can be applied as easily as a paint.

DTC Rust Direct protecton owes its excellant corrosion resistance and galvanic protection capacity to its binder which slows down rust formation (by reducing the disintegration) of the zinc. The zinc in the coating becomes sacrificial in relation to the steel, but it rusts much more slowly than an ordinary zinc coating, produced by galvanization or zinc-spraying.
(Extract of BNF FULMER report of J.J.B.Ward, Oxsfordshire ENGLAND January '92)

Double the Protection:
DTC Rust Direct Coatings combine the galvanic characteristics of a zinc coating with the barrier protection of an organic paint. As it has 96% pure zinc in its dry film it provides excellant protection to steel. The salt-spray test (for 2000 hours) proves that in very aggressive circumstances, our coating sacrifices itself, protecting the metal surface in a similar way to hot-dip galvanizing.