Company History and Product Specializations

Delta T and Protective Coatings was established in 1993 (Alberta, Canada) to provide high-end protective coating systems to commercial and industrial sectors. This includes pulp and paper mills, OSB plants, gas plants, oil field companies, etc. We introduced Ceramic Insulation Coatings, a unique spray applied coating, to the Canadian market.


The Director of Delta T. Control, has 25 years experience dealing with all aspects of protective coatings, spray-applied foam insulation, waterproofing, spray-applied fireproof systems, corrosion control, condensation control, spray-in-place containment, and energy saving systems.

Delta T and Protective Coatings Special Services

Our services and equipment requirements are designed for mobility and our certified installers are prepared to travel wherever our services are required. Corporate consulting, design/specifications, application procedures, inspections, reports, system recommendations, etc.

The term "ceramic insulation coatings" is generic. It introduces a unique, revolutionary product that is used in conjunction with a variety of conventional insulation systems, or in many cases, as a stand-alone replacement product. As a result, we are not endorsing any specific product lines. However, due to the various manufacturers, and the numerous formulations and specifications involved, contact Delta T and Protective Coatings Inc. for information relating to the products that are best suited for your specific project requirements.