The Advantages of a Thermal Barrier and Waterproof Membrane

Insulative ceramic coatings provide not only a thermal barrier, but also a waterproof membrane that prevents water buildup caused from condensation between the substrate and the coatings. Ceramic coatings are impermeable to moisture migration.

Wood Digester Pulp MIll

This Wood Digester Unit is located at a Pulp Mill. The Ceramic Coatings were applied at 80 MILS. The Operating temperature is up to 185 degrees C. (Grande Prairie AB)

E.F.B Electrical Filted Unit

E.F.B. (Electrical Filtered Unit) Ceramic Coatings applied to 60 MILS for condensation control. (Edson AB)

Inlet Piping to Blower Fan

Inlet Piping to Blower Fan Ceramic Coatings applied to 60 MILS (Drayton Valley, AB)

Backside dryer ductwork

Ceramic Coatings were applied to this backside dryer ductwork for condensation control. (Grande Prairie AB)