The Fluid-Applied Ceramic Insulating Re-roofing System for Metal Roofs

Waterproofs/ Protects/ Neutralizes Rust

DCT Ceramic Coatings completely seals and waterproofs joint seams, penetrations, and fasteners. The inhibitors incorporated within the coatings correct existing corrosion and prevent future attacks to the metal surfaces.

Ceramic Coatings treatment to 36,000 sq. ft. metal roof. This was applied to all fasteners, vertical and horizontal joins, and complete roof cladding. This eliminates leaks and thermal shock. (Red Deer AB)

Controls Roof Movements & Thermal Shock

The Ceramic Coatings System for metal roofing retrofit controls the expansion/contraction factors associated with metal roofs. Which are the major contributing factors to roof failures. At the same time the system insulates against radiant energy transfer up to 95%

Ceramic Coatings-installation treatment finish shown. Ten Year warranty provided. (Red Deer AB)


The roof coatings are amazingly flexible and strong. They virtually eliminate cracking and leaking, and easily withstand severe weather and broad temperature fluctuations.


The coatings are a superior, long lasting waterproof protection. The physical properties resist severe weather, acid-rain, and bird pecks

Ceramic Coated Roof with HVAC

White reflective topcoats reflect solar heat away. Reflective top coats reduce surface temperatures, thus reducing the energy required to run HVAC equipment.

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